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Jeannie Music

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Jeannie, a boston-based R&B singer
About this project:Photography, Design, Art Direction, Visual Identity. This project has it all. Jeannie, a solo adult-contemporary vocalist and close friend allowed me total creative freedom on this site. Having concepted this computer generated empty room, I then directed and shot Jeannie posing on green-screen in a makeshift studio, composited her in the artificial environment, and laid the site out around the visuals. I also shot the photo gallery candids around downtown Boston over several sessions.

Additional Credits: 3D background by Evan Ingersoll. Album design by Dave Miranda


Jeannie Jeannie
Jeannie Jeannie

I also took all the photography for Jeannie's site, web gallery, and album artwork. We ran around boston all night getting shots in different locations and on one occasion we set up a makeshift studio at my office to capture the silhouetted shots you see below. I removed a glass table top and placed it on the seamless to get the reflection you see. Then it was a simple matter of alcohol, music and art direction.
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