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I grew up in beautiful Epping, New Hampshire in the 250-year-old Colonial house in which I was born. I am the youngest of 5 kids (3B/2G). My father, Dr. Jeffrey Myers is a Chiropractor in Exeter, NH while my mother, Cindy spend 30 years caring for us at home while keeping the books straight at the office. I attended a small Catholic School on an island in Portsmouth, NH with a class of 8 children through the seventh grade before switching to Berwick Academy in South Berwick, ME. There, I enjoyed cross country running, ice hockey and baseball. I excelled in art and english and exploring theater, music and a load of extracurricular activities including community service and student government. As a senior, I was voted Student Body President.

As a freshman at Northeastern University I discovered computers. I entered school as a baggy-pants-clad skate punk with only a loose vision of drawing or sculpting my way to something like fame. But an obscure opportunity landed in my lap to design T-shirts and other merchandise using graphical computer programs. Several hundred borrowed sleep hours later, I became somewhat obsessed with design. By the time my first CoOp (paid internship) came around I had a slight advantage. I joined an on-campus technology center, where I discovered HTML and the subtle joys of graphical interface design. I took that with me through my foundation classes and developed a lucrative series of freelance projects. My next CoOp was a huge break, working at Mindseye, Inc., a leading interactive firm in Boston's Fort Point Artist District at the height of the Dot-com era. A year of walking among interactive Goliaths, and a few more years of academic foundation work was enough to lead me into a 4-year position as the lead interactive designer at Benes Brand Imaging, where I forged personal and professional relationships I still hold dear.

As my schooling ended, I signed full-time with Benes Brand Imaging for good money and lived well in Boston, visiting my [then] girlfriend Sarah in Maine on weekends and developing a new bond with the outdoors and the non-competitive sport of skiing. Those two love affairs would eventually have me re-evaluate my lifestyle. When Benes eventually sank into the mire of small, poorly-run agencies, Sarah and I decided to take advantage of our new-found mobility and pursue our our ambitions in a place that better suited our active lifestyle. With 3 months left before our wedding, we packed up and moved to Utah, where we had so many beautiful memories from our cross-country travels.

We now live in gorgeous rural Heber City, Utah with our 2-year-old son Charlie, our Siberian Huskey, Roxie and our Weimaraner, Blü. Sarah is the Marketing Manager at the beautiful Stein Eriksen Lodge at Deer Valley. I currently work independently, designing websites for the ski, action sports, and hospitality industries. It's a place I never thought I'd be, but I love my life and I look forward to new and exciting adventures ahead.

Alpine Skiing, Road/Mountain Biking, Running, Hiking, Snowshoeing, and doing stuff with my wonderful wife and crazy Dogs.

Powder days, long epic bike rides with friends, dank web sites, Jack Daniels or dark beer, Calzones, "The Office" and the Red Sox.

Cubicles, Snowblades, leash laws, passing on the right.

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Joe Myers

Joe Myers

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I live in Heber City, Utah with my wife Sarah, my son Charlie, and our Weimaraner Blü and Husky Roxie. When I'm not banging away on websites I like to ski, bike, or just enjoy the beautiful Wasatch Mountains.


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