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Mixing passion for life and obsession with design, into a hot gooey fondue of awesome.

Off the market...

I recently accepted a job as the UX/UI Design Director at USA Today Sports. I am not currently accepting freelance work. Sorry for the inconvenience.

About Me

I’m a web designer based in Heber City, Utah. I have been designing for the web since 1998, and have experience working at branding agencies, private companies, and as a contractor. After earning a design degree from Northeastern University, I worked in Boston for several years before moving to Utah, the ultimate playground. My passion is website front-end design; that means look-and-feel, user experience (eww, buzzwords) usability, typography, branding, and high-impact messaging.

“So... What would you say you do here?”

I specialize in user interface design. That means that I make every effort to use best practices to produce usable, accessible, readable, standards-compliant and (hopefully) beautiful websites that earn measurable results for my clients. I design or redesign websites using SEO-friendly HTML and CSS techniques. Incorporating various front-end scripts, I like to be creative in enhancing the user experience, without compromising usability.

Balls in the air

Resourcefulness is something I find essential to each project. I don't know everything, but I make every effort to keep a project moving. Sometimes this means being a part-time copy-writer, photographer, illustrator, logo designer, project manager, programmer, IT specialist, babysitter, hostage negotiator and therapist. Whatever the project requires, I'll find a way to get it done even if it means recruiting help from other talented specialists. But what I won't do is waste your time making up answers. If I don't know the answer, I'll probably say something profound like "I don't know."

“That Joe is such a prima donna"

Despite my passion for design, I try to be easy-going and accepting of client input. I am, after all, designing for the client and THEIR audience; not myself; not for other designers. My clients' satisfaction is the top priority. I’m very proud and grateful for the great client relationships and professional affiliations I've been able to cultivate over the years.

I believe transparency is a moral imperative. Friends will tell you I have no filter, or that I’m honest to a fault. But I don't believe in creating a false mystique about what I do, or BS-ing people who are paying me good money. The more open and honest we can be, the more fun and success we'll have.

  • Currently

    USA Today Sports LA/NYC

    Director of User Experience & User Interface Design Designing new digital properties and overseeing user experience design for web and native products.
  • Currently

    Joe Myers Web Design, Inc. Heber City, UT

    Interactive Designer / Independent Contractor Specializing in desktop and mobile web design within the outdoor, adventure and hospitality industries. I am NOT currently accepting freelance projects.
  • 2007 - 2009

    FetchDog, Portland, ME

    Senior Interactive Designer Responsible for overall site and UI design, graphic production and initial code deployment. Worked remotely with corporate team to build an ambitious shopping site with infinte resource materials, viral content, and social networking capabilities for dog-lovers.
  • 2006-2007

    American Skiing Company, Park City, UT

    New Media Designer Specialzing in Flash design for unique user experiences, product demos, and microsites. Also responsible for the redesign of resort sites as well as overseeing day-to-day graphical maintenance at 8 resorts and their respective properties.
  • 2001 - 2005

    Benes Brand Imaging, Lexington, MA

    Interactive Design Lead / New Media Specialist Created web sites and multimedia, specializing in usability, site architecture, animation, and overall user experience. Worked with top developers to integrate scripting and robust content management solutions. Contributed to overall branding campaigns as an integral member of an engergetic team.
  • 2000 - 2001

    Mindseye, Inc., Boston, MA

    Interactive Designer Designed web sites and produced graphics at all levels.
  • 1997 - 1999

    Dodo Unlimited, Boston, MA

    Graphic Designer / Gen-X Consultant Designed print, display, and interactive materials as well as apparel for unique, theme-based merchandising startup. Also managed personnel and promotional marketing ventures.
  • 1998

    Educational Technology Center at Northeastern University, Boston, MA

    Assistant Design Technology Instructor Taught and assisted in teaching HTML and graphics software to faculty, staff, and students at Northeastern University.

Thanks guys. Check’s in the mail.

Joe is one of the most talented and fastest web designers you'll meet. Within his first year at American Skiing Company, he was awarded “Adobe Site of the Day” twice. His work is fun, interesting, clean and did I mention that he gets stuff done? Joe works well both independently and as part of a development team. And, as a bonus, Joe is warm and engaging and someone that everyone wants to be around.

American Skiing CompanyDiane Murphy Foster
VP of Marketing Services, American Skiing Company

Joe completely obliterated and surpassed any goal we had set for the year. The amount of award-winning and quality work that he completed during the past year was monumental. He single-handedly increased our website presence to dominate the industry with work that would be judged outstanding at any level and in any industry.

He is a tremendous designer: diligent, thoughtful, articulate and cutting-edge with his vision and execution.

Time and again, the resort marketing departments were overwhelmed with the work he produced for them. Too many accolades and praises to even document.

I would safely say that Joe generated over $250,000 in retail, interactive design work for us during the past 12 months.

American Skiing CompanyJamie Ippolito
Director of Interactive, American Skiing Company

I had the pleasure of working with Joe years ago at Benes Brand Imaging, where he was an invaluable member of our design team. He posses an enormous amount of talent with a unique skill set which he continuously builds on, making him one of the most talented web designers I've worked with. He keeps up with the latest in web and if there's something he doesn't know, he quickly learns it.

Jumping Jackrabbit DesignLynn Mccormick
Art Director, Jumping Jackrabbit Design

Working with Joe is like being in a fireworks display: he keeps on coming up with ideas that are fresh and new, all sparking creative directions and innovation. Joe is one of the most fun people you could work with, and at the same time a consummate professional in maintaining client relationships and interactions. Joe is an asset that can jumpstart any shop from idea drought to a thought leader.

MolecularYuval Zukerman
Senior Consultant, Technical Architect, Molecular

It has always puzzled me how Joe's brain fits inside his skull, he's just an incredibly smart guy. His talent in design and new media is unmatched in my opinion. But, what makes him really shine is his jovial and pleasant demeanor paired with drive/results that makes him a pleasure to work with on a daily basis.

The CanyonsChris Petty
Marketing Database & Technology Manager, The Canyons Resort

Joe is a lot more than just a designer. His knowledge and experience make him a fun and valuable guy to work with.

Buy Max a BeerMax Kloeppel
Designer / Developer,

Joe is always very responsive, delivering results with a quick turnaround. His quality of work exceeds expectations. He's a valuable member of the web team.

Cannon MountainGreg Keeler
Marketing Director, Cannon Mountain, NH

Joe is a tremendous asset for the company. He has been a great resource for numerous projects, has built web features that would not have been possible without him, and has always been great to work with.

Sunday River Ski ResortNick Lambert
Marketing Director, Sunday River

It has been a pleasure working with Joe both conceptually and tactically. When discussing strategic directions at an early stage of a project, he clearly understands the formal principals of interface design and has both listened to my framing of the goals on a particular project and been willing to respectfully push back on areas where he felt he had an insight. This willingness to engage in a thoughtful way is crucial to the honing of any new offering. I also have always gotten the feeling that his dialogue was driven from a desire to enhance the user's experience, not from a personal agenda to realize his own design theories. This is balance between personal engagement and thoughtful objectivity makes him a valuable member of any development team.

I respect and enjoy his design vision. When left to his own devices, he invariably has delivered a quality and often beautiful product. As a creative director, I always appreciate a designer who can get involved and make a project better, not just deliver what was described.

On the more mundane level of manning the design trenches, he has always made himself available to answer quick questions and share his considerable knowledge whenever someone in my studio needed help with tuning a website, or piece of Flash that we were creating. When he was leading the implementation, he always came back with a finished product well ahead of schedule.

He has earned my highest sign of respect: I would hire him for my studio.

David PuelleDavid Puelle
Creative Director/CEO, Puelle Design


To say Joe Myers designs websites is like saying Lance Armstrong rides bikes. It may be true, but is only the tip of a ridiculously impressive iceberg.
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Joe rules.
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Utah? Yep. Utah.

Moved to Utah from Boston in 2005 after several years with design agencies. Now living in Heber City with my wife and son.

Snow Beard

Started skiing at Sunday River in college when my girlfriend (now wife) who told me “I’m a skier. So... you can either learn to ski, or just be lonely all winter.”


My family is everything. Your project will always be a priority, but I’m only the person I am because of the love and support of my beautiful wife, Sarah and my 3-year-old son, Charlie. Charlie is learning to navigate the world with Cerebral Palsy. But you'd hardly know it. He's an inspirational little man. I invite you to follow Charlie on Twitter.


Ski, bike, run, hike, camp, and then have a beer.


Powder days, long bike rides, stupid comedies, the gawd-damn Boston Red Sox.


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